Jo Talking


How much do you know about the environmental and wildlife consideration which takes place around the area of your business address?

We were very pleased to be invited to Riduna Park in recent days, for a fabulous networking event, which featured a presentation from Greener Growth.

This incredible CIC is doing so much good in the world, and is evidencing some of that ethos through its great project at Riduna.

In the coming months, business residents at this state of the art park will see lots more wildlife and biodiversity activity taking place, including the installation of bat boxes, bird feeders, water features and more.

We’re delighted to say that this really aligns with our thoughts around nature, preservation and community spaces, so watch this space for news of how we’ve signed up to be more involved in this work.

It’s even more pertinent that we’re showing our interest in the Park’s activity, given it’s also the place of residence for clients such as Shout About Suffolk, Lighthouse, and Wednesday’s Child.