Rolling Up Our Sleeves to Support Client and Community

Rolling Up Our Sleeves to Support Client and Community

When we talk about getting ‘stuck in’ and supporting our clients and our community in their endeavours, we really mean it.

So when one of our social enterprise clients told us about a unique concept they were launching on a midweek lunchtime, aimed at supporting those battling or supporting eating disorder recovery…well, we rolled our sleeves up and offered to help.

Wednesday’s Child is a very different kind of not for profit organisation, which has been born out of the founder’s 20 year experience of anorexia and mental health struggles.

Debbie Watson, who is now a client of ours, created the social enterprise because she wants to improve the way in which treatment is accessed and experienced by those who suffer, and those who aim to care for others.

Wednesday’s Child has recently launched their Heal Kitchen, in Suffolk.

The initiative sees Supportive Suppers and Friendship Lunches happening at specifically identified cafes and food venues, to allow for a small group to enjoy a carefully curated meal, along with an inspirational chat and a workshop.

Our very own Marie Selby attended the first event, taking part in the creation of super speedy and nutritious overnight oats, which were being demonstrated by Josie, AKA The Mindful Chef.

We’re very proud to be supporting Wednesday’s Child and look forward to hearing more about their work in the future.

You can find out more about their events and their wellbeing boxes by going to