Your hacking menu

Your hacking menu

The world of hacking often seems distant from reality. Many of us have visions of cyber criminals hunched behind keyboards attempting to hold global businesses or governments hostage but don’t believe that our businesses can be attacked. Hacking services are more accessible and affordable than ever. To help you understand the ease with which a disgruntled former employee, competitor or run of the mill criminal might attack your business, we’ve pulled together a list of common cyber attacks and the prices at which they are available on the dark web.

Remote Access Trojan


PC Malware Installation


Malicious Spam (per 1,000,000)


Website Hack


Password Stealer


DDoS Attack


Remote Desktop Control Tool


Bank Account Login


Digital Fake Credit Card


That’s not all – failure to comply with regulations or take sufficient precautions could see you slapped with significant fines & losses.

ICO Fine


Loss of Income


Loss of Reputation


Forensic Costs


For more information please contact your Account Director or call the AT&A office on 01473 727800